What I do

Business-to-business communications is what I do best. Well, OK, I’ve had some experience of creating the occasional retail campaign too – but in the end it’s technologies, industrial processes, machinery and the like that most stimulate my interest. Oh yes, I focus specifically on international markets too, where English is the client’s company language. 

My strengths

I love the research phase, doing the ‘deep dive’: studying how products work, looking into why your customers need a new type of service, evaluating and checking where the market opportunity lies, and so on. Once I understand the challenges, and how a client wants to differentiate their product portfolio and services, then the exciting work can begin: translating these insights into ideas that will generate a strong response, and drive the target group to act.

Who I am

I’m a British-born art director, married to a Dutch lady, and have lived in the Netherlands for nearly half my life. If you’d like to read my CV please connect with me on LinkedIn. I have a passion for getting things precisely right… finding the best way to make things look different so they stand out from the crowd, and yet retaining that sense of relevance that will attract attention from even the most sceptical target audience. 

What I believe in

Effective communications in my book is about selecting the right channels for each target group, using the right tools for each one, and creating a powerful visual and message to get attention and drive action. Fit for purpose I call it. Sure, it means a tailor made approach each time but then these days there are so many media choices to be made anyway it almost demands a one-for-one style of communication.

Way I work

I usually work in partnership with a group of trusted specialists, such as copywriters, web-builders, photographers and so on. I’ve known most of them for years and can vouch for their quality. I take my responsibility as the project leader very seriously and am available at all times to update clients on the status of their assignment. I am used to multi-tasking, providing strategic guidance, creative direction, and managing content development, budgets and deadlines.


Who I work for

My client base is very varied, from blue chip global enterprises to local businesses. And each gets my personal attention equally. If you’d like references from any of the companies listed below please contact me.

Some of the companies I work for ...
Atelier Van Nature KSE Process Technology
Bosch Philips
Caterpillar Sweet-Tee Design
DSM Tektronix
Exclusive Grass Telezorg
FEI Company Terre Des Hommes
Fluke Verum
Fratelli Carli Olive Oil Zinsights
Jurc ...